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The flies still hiss
Vultures sail through the pressure
Hysteric bliss

Rent veins collapse
I’ll be my own successor
Torn tendon snaps

Was meant for this
The whole reclaims the lesser
Heartworn abyss

Inverted mountain towers down to sinusoidal blackness
Hold the course as the immense living absence advances
Compelled to comprehend more eyes roll back into the slackness
Absorbing light euphoric shade drones in harmonic chances

Sound to stagger grounded static surges towards conclusion
Count phalangeal twelve and blindly march through the occlusions
Hear the rocks move hear the weight the crushing iridescence
Thoughts return reversed elated stellar luminescence

The trail the trial to fail that mile that vibrates final mandate
The trail the endless file that strings life geologic death weight
The trail the trail that assails will to restore the four the eight
That trial that trail stop counting thought sound vision tensional gait


from The Flies Still Hiss, released October 26, 2014



all rights reserved


ornithomantia Austin, Texas

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